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 Super Teacher Worksheets
I've been homeschooling Mr. B since 2010. Sometime early on in our homeschool years, I'm thinking it was either 2010 or 2011, I stumbled upon Super Teacher Worksheets. It honestly felt like I had hit the jackpot as I looked through the treasure trove of printable goodies on the site. Back in those days, I had to homeschool on a very tight budget. Being a single mom, and a full time college student, I knew I had to spend my money as wisely, and as frugally, as possible. After trying out a few of their sample prints, I knew becoming a member was the right thing to do. I've had an Individual Membership with them ever since those first days. For me, it was an easy decision, and I've never regretted it for a second!

For this review, my membership was extended for 12 months, and I couldn't be happier! 

Super Teacher Worksheets is a site that offers a plethora of worksheets and other printables. You'll find Calendar pages, teacher helps such as award certificates, and so much more. I could spend all day writing about the many things we have used over the years, and just over this review period.

This is a fantastic product for the elementary ages, and even though Mr. B is 6th/7th, there are still great printables for him. I'm very excited to be able to continue to use Super Teacher Worksheets while working with Princess J, too.

How did we use this?

There aren't as many printables available for Mr. B's grade level now, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been super useful for him. I love their math worksheets. Mr. B's math skills are all over the place, and he needs a lot of help with learning how to organize his work on paper. So we have used a lot of the advanced multiplication and work problem sheets available on the site. We have also used several of the reading comprehension worksheets. Over the years, we have nearly used them all by now! We have also used several of the grammar worksheets, since he can always use practice with parts of speech. 
I really like how the math worksheets give your student ample room to show their work. Mr. B has a lot of trouble organizing his work. Many times I will write it out for him, and he tells me what to write, and where. But with Super Teacher Worksheets, there's enough room for him to do it all on his own. 

We have been going out of state every other week for a behavior modification program through a Children's Hospital. One of the big parts of that program is a reward system. I love the included Teacher Helps that feature printable award certificates. Mr. B loves earning them, and they are so easy to print out and award him at the end of each week, or at the end of a particularly hard assignment. There are other Teacher Helps available, included arts and crafts printables!

In addition to the awards, I  love the calendar pages. They are fun to color, and a great way to keep track of appointments and assignments. I keep these on the fridge until the month is over, then they go into the portfolio so I can keep track of everything through out the year. 

You'll also find resources for classroom and co-op teachers, like permission slip forms, homework slips, and sooooo much more! I'd be here all day if I tried to list everything we've used!

The Chapter books are another part I love. These are printable worksheets that include questions and vocabulary for a host of different chapter books. We're starting The Giver now, and that's one book featured on the site! I can easily print off questions and vocabulary work as we work our way through the book. These grade levels extend beyond where he is currently, and I love that they have included material for the older kids! 

As I mentioned before, this is perfect for the early elementary grades, as well. There's all sorts of pre-k and kindergarten leveled worksheets on here. I have been working through the alphabet with Princess J. She knows her ABCs, both lower and upper case, but we have been using them in discrete trial therapy. "Color the A red" type work is great for her therapy right now, and it's on a level she's comfortable with right now. 

Did I mention the great seasonal and holiday worksheets?

Another great thing about Super Teacher Worksheets is all of the great holiday and season inspired printables you will find! From mini books, to reading comprehension that doubles as social studies work, there's some for every season! 


I can't recommend Super Teacher Worksheets enough. I honestly don't  know how I would have made it homeschooling all these years if not for this amazing resource. I've never been disappointed, and it thrills me to see new material added for older students. I love the diversity in material, and the fact I can always find supplemental material for what we are studying. Looking for spelling lists? It's there. Need to work on Multiplication? You go it! What about American History? There are worksheets for that, too. It has been a go to of mine since day one, and I've never regretted it! 

 Super Teacher Worksheets

Does Super Teacher Worksheets Pass My 4 Ingredient Test?

1.) Customization: Is it easily adaptable? Can we customize it to fit “us?” Can we modify or set our own schedule? Can we take breaks, jump ahead, or flat out skip?

When you purchase an individual membership, you have access to everything on the site. So you can easily print what you need, when you need it. You can print from varying grade levels, etc. This is great for those who need to be able to change things around when needed.  

2.) Value: Is it long lasting? Will it cover multiple grade ranges? Are you locked in to one specific grade level? Are there hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees, and I've seen worksheets from Pre-K level to 8th grade, so it definitely covers a very wide range of grades and levels. You have access to the whole site, and every level. 

3.) Attention span: Is it boring? Is it engaging? Is it varied enough for ADHD? Does it last too long? 

We've never found this boring. Each worksheet has something fun associated with it, even if it is just a picture you can color. Many of them are in color, and have a fun little image with it. And of course, there's the seasonal ones that add a little jazz to the day's lesson. It's definitely varied enough for ADHD, and the amount of work is limited. 

4.) Does it tie into other things we already have.
You can definitely find something here to tie in with something you're already doing. For a couple of years, Super Teacher Worksheets is the only curriculum source I had. I was able to cover all of the core subjected, plus some other things as well. From mini books to flash cards, science to reading-Super Teacher Worksheets has it all! 

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