CTC Math Fall Review

Earlier this year I brought you a review of CTCMath, and here I am giving you an update review. We still love it! Ok, so that's very review'ish, right? So lets get down to business here. CTCMath is an online math program that provides instructional clips as well as online work to complete. Some grade levels offer printable worksheets for review, but so far we've not worked on a level that has that feature. I was thrilled to receive another 12-month Family Membership to use with Mr. B and Princess J. Best part? Homeschoolers can 60% off + 6 bonus months!  Those 6 bonus months are for a very limited time only until November 15, 2017! 

Created by teacher Pat Murray, CTCMath features online math lessons for grades K-12. This is a full curriculum for up to grade 8, and they recommend using this as a supplmental program for the high school years.

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How did we use this?

I like to start with the diagnostic test, usually, but we didn't need to do that this time. Princess J is only 4.5 and I knew she needed to start from the beginning. She knows her numbers, and she can count well past 20, but I wanted her to start with material she already knew so that she could get used to the format without the added frustration of perhaps not understanding the material presented fully. Mr. B has used CTC for quite some time now, so we just pick up where we left off. The diagnostic test is a great help in choosing the proper starting level for each of your students. 

As I mentioned before, Princess J is still quite young. She's below Kindergarten level in age, but academically she already has a good base of number sense and math skills. So I was pretty confident going in that she would be able to handle the Kindergarten level work. I do have to help her some, especially with using the computer mouse, but that is to be expected at her age and developmental level. We started off with lesson 1. 

I really like the user interface. It's easy to navigate and choose exactly what you need. I appreciate the straight forward, uncluttered, and clean cut style of the page. 

The lessons are presented in a short video clip format. No video is over 10 or so minutes. This proved to be fantastic for little bit as she is quite the mover sometimes! Each lesson is taught in a way where they build on each other. Everything is broken down into very small parts, which make each lesson short, and to the point. This gives kids time to process the information. 

As you can see, the videos aren't over the top and flashy, but they aren't just boring power point slides, either. 

Following each lesson is an only quiz that allows the child to apply what they have learned. Princess J really liked clicking on the icons to "color them in." 

I also really like how the information is presented in different ways. This is the first lesson, but instead of just having the child color 4 things, or whatever the give number is, this also had the child not only count the objects, but find the corresponding number. So this allowed her to match the number with the quantity, too. 

At the end of the lesson, you can choose to print the quiz work. This is great if you have to keep a portfolio or work samples for end of the year reviews. 

Mr. B is a little more difficult. His math skills are all over the place, but that makes CTCMath even better for us. A membership gives you access to any lesson on any level. For kiddos like Brayden, this allows us to fill in any gaps he may have, and move at the pace that suits him best. I can also have him do more questions at the end of a lesson if I don't feel like he's grasping it enough. I like being able to tailor it to fit US and OUR needs.

The screen isn't cluttered, and everything is easy to understand and differentiate. 

The questions are straight forward, without a lot of flashy background stuff so it's easier to focus without distractions. 

There's a progress bar at the top as well as a count of the questions completed vs. total question count. This is great for kids on the spectrum who need that visual to know where the end of the quiz is. 

Overall, CTCMath is our main go to. The format is good for Mr. B, and I like the weekly emails I get letting me keep tabs on his progress. I like how easy it is to login, and I can view both kids' work from the same login. It's quick, easy, and convenient. I like how the lessons are short, but cover everything. I like how we can tailor fit the math curriculum to fit us, rather than tweak us to fit the curriculum. I still have B do some of the problems on paper since he has a habit of trying to work everything out in his head, so I'd like to see printable worksheets added for each level. CTCMath is definitely going to be hanging around with us for a long time!

Does CTC Math Pass My 4 Ingredient Test?

 1.) Customization: Is it easily adaptable? Can we customize it to fit “us?” Can we modify or set our own schedule? Can we take breaks, jump ahead, or flat out skip?

Yes, you can customize your own schedule, the order in which you do things, etc. It is super easy and convenient. It's great to have access to any lesson in any level. Mr. B may need 3rd grade geometry and 9th grade algebra. Princess J may need Kindergarten measurements, but first grade numbers.

2.) Value: Is it long lasting? Will it cover multiple grade ranges? Are you locked in to one specific grade level? Are there hidden fees?

There are single plans and family plans available. K-advanced maths are covered, and you are not locked into one specific grade level. There are no hidden fees. And with the current special of 60% off + 6 Bonus Months, it's a very good deal!

3.) Attention span: Is it boring? Is it engaging? Is it varied enough for ADHD? Does it last too long?

It's not boring because the lessons are really short. It's varied enough for us, and because the concepts are broken down into smaller segments he's able to retain everything much better.

4.) Does it tie into other things we already have.

This is a very well executed online math curriculum. It only includes math.

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