One of our FAVORITES is having a MAJOR Summer SALE!

Back-to-School Notebooking Pages Membership Sale

We LOVE! It's a great way to supplement and truly customize your homeschool experience. There are dozens and dozens of pages for virtually any subject, with more being added ALL THE TIME.

Right now, you can get a LIFETIME membership for only $72.00! And they offer a very convenient and affordable installment plan where you'd pay $10, $31, and then a final payment of $31 over the course of three months. 

As a lifetime member, you get access to ALL of the current and future pages available! It's such a GREAT deal, and you get so much bang for your buck. 

If you sign up TODAY, you will also receive 1 year access to the Notebooking Publisher web-app, and a $100+  eBook package FREE!

This sale is so great, it can only last a very short time. So signup before July 28th

**This post contains affiliate links that do not affect the cost of your subscription at all! By purchasing from these links, you help our family immensely, at no cost to your own! Thank you so much!**