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Doctor Aviation

Every now and then a product comes up for review than I want for myself. That's the case with this 6 month aviation course subscription by Doctor Aviation. Growing up, I often heard the story of my dad and his friends taking a ride with a friend who just happened to be a pilot. Little did they know that the pilot friend had had, perhaps, a bit too much to drink before offering to fly them over our city. The pilot passed out cold, and my dad was forced to take the controls. He had always wanted to get his pilot's license after that, but never had the chance.

His sister lived in Seattle, and she would fly in every few years. Oh how I LOVED going to the air port to pick her up! My dad would leave quite bit early so that I could sit there longer in the waiting area watching the planes land and take off. It was always so exciting for me. She worked for Boeing, and she would tell me all about building the planes. To me, she was like a rock star! I wanted to be a pilot in the worst way, so when I was old enough to take the ASVAB test in high school, I jumped at the chance. The USAF was going to be my ticket to fly! I took the test, and scored in the top 2%! I scored high enough to get me where I wanted to be. The only problem? I was too short! Yes, I was too short to enlist to be a pilot. There went my dreams of flying F16s! I'll never forget the snarky suggestion that I could be air traffic control, with out the need to duck. GRRR!

Finally, in 2006, my chance to fly finally came. I nervously boarded that United Airlines flight. The turbulence was positively horrible, and no one informed the pilot there was a first time flier on board. The storms were severe, and there wasn't really any way for her to fly around them. Once we landed in Chicago it became abundantly clear why God made me a little too short to fly. Me + Flying didn't exactly agree. Airsickness is real friends. And it's bad.
Even with all of that, I would still LOVE to learn to fly. So I was pretty stoked to be chosen to review Doctor Aviation and the online course.

Doctor Aviation

How I used this:

First, log in is EASY! Top right corner, right there! Easy to find, easy to navigate. My kind of site! Once I swooned over the easy login, I got started with Lesson one. I decided to work at roughly a 1 lesson per week average. Lessons are 45 mins or so in duration, and it proved a bit difficult for me to watch one all the way through with adult stuff to do during the day. House cleaning, cooking, and keeping the kid and animals alive had to take priority over my guilty pleasure. So it takes me a few days to get through the video thoroughly enough to make sense of it all.

I like that I can stop and go back as needed. I can watch the video once, twice, or more as needed. I can pause and go back as needed, too.

I figured out that the lesson notes were much more than just a recap of the lesson. It's like a study guide of sorts that you can use after you watch the video, or look over it and use it while you watch, with fill in the black questions that help you really connect with the course. 

There's also a "To Learn More" tab. "To Learn More" has suggested articles, books, websites, videos, and activities. Now, I'm supposed to be using this as an adult course, but some of these activities and readings are just too good for a homeschool mom to pass up!

Detailed study on the Wright Flyer? YES, PLEASE! History of Airplanes? SIGN US UP! I mean really, this is pretty great stuff. A lesson a week is a good pace, but I could use this to get 2 or even 3 weeks of science and  history material for our homeschool. I love when a product covers more than one base!

I have made it to Lesson 5, taking time to go in depth on a couple of lessons. The lessons build upon one another, so it is very important you don't skip anything. And don't forget to "Mark Complete." I couldn't figure out why I was on Lesson 4, and it was showing 0% complete. Well, silly me, I'd just go through and never check complete on anything. Smart one here, right? HAHA!

At the end of the 3rd lesson, there's a review exam. I really like this aspect because it holds me accountable to really paying attention, and trying my best. Ok, and here's the part I found kinda cool. You can take this for credit, and after Lesson 5-where I am now-you can have a proctor contact Dr. Aviation for a copy of Examination 1 to take for proper credit. I like that there's a credibility thing there with the test proctor.

Overall, I'm very impressed by this. It's much more than a history course that teaches the basics of airplanes. It's more than just the physics of flight. The topics cover everything from history and physics, to maintenance, running a large airport, running a small airport, instrumentation, and more! I'm very, very impressed! I never thought I'd get this much out of course! 

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