Morning Routine Printable

Kids on the spectrum do very will with a structured routine. We've been having some issues lately getting anywhere on time. With the help of my son's doctor, we developed a system of visual charts to help. Each chart features space to the side to allow for stickers, checks, or whatever other measure you use to check off a "Job well done" for use with a reward system. Please subscribe to the blog and follow my Facebook and Pinterest so you don't miss out on the printables I will have! 

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I'll let you know when it is ready. I am also going to have shower/bath printables, daily schedule charts, etc. 


  1. Can't wait to see these. Everyone has told us our youngest was on the spectrum. He has so many autistic traits, but recently we were told he wasn't. He was put back in OT and we have been talking about schedules and how to help his meltdowns. Can't wait to see what you do!

    1. I have a morning routine ready that is just for "brush your hair, put on deodorant, Brush your teeth." I need to do some task analysis ones. Finding royalty free images has been my issue.


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