I would love to tell you how amazing this pool is. I would love to tell you how great it has been for Mr. B, and how it's solving so many of our recent sensory and behavior problems. Ohhhh how'd love to! BUT...upon filling it up as much as it needed to be filled, I was proven right that the pool was in fact NOT level, and not even "close enough." I could just cry as I have watched 5000 gallons of water run down my driveway after it was drained to level it. It was off by at least 7 inches, and the whole thing was leaning! I want a big kid pool with the steel sides, but I just don't have the spare $2500 for that. I wanted an in ground pool, but yeah...I don't have the $16,000 for that. Sigh...this has been the most back breaking $300 I've ever spend.