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Hi...It's me, the non-planner who happens to LOVE Homeschool Planet and Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Honestly, I'm not even sure how I can possible keep anything straight without Homeschool Planet now! Homeschool Planet is a handy dandy online planner that keeps my crazy life together. Simple as that. It has almost everything I need in one place, and I LOVE IT! 

Ok, here's the first screen I see when I login. Login is easy, and of course that earns bonus points with me. I did not screen shot the entire screen for privacy reasons. To the left of this would be a list with out names. You can click on each individual person to access their to-do lists and schedule, as well. This is GREAT for us. Soooo many times M and I will plan things only to realize we are both busy doing something else. Or he will put off making plans because he has to ask me if there's something else already planned. With Homeschool Planet, he can login and check immediate! Oh, and you can change the background look! I love butterflies, so this is my chosen background. 

I did a more in depth "How to use this" type review last time, so this time I'm going to avoid a lot of the technical stuff. Instead, I'm going to talk about the ways we use this! 

1.) Email reminders. These are a lifesaver. Simple as that! I have a VERY hectic schedule. I input EVERYTHING into Homeschool Planet. Mr. B sees a dozen different doctors, M has appts, I have some, my family does...etc. I put them all in there that way, first thing in the morning when I'm checking my email, I can see what I have to do for the day that I no doubt forgot about. LIKE today! We had an 11am appt, and I had completely forgotten about it! Thank you Homeschool Planet for saving me $50 on no call/no show fee!

2.) Coordinate Schedules. M and I are able to input things into the calendars online, from anywhere. So if he needs to work over on the weekend, he can put that in. Or if he makes plans with friends, he can schedule it in there and I can see it and no to not make plans that must include him. I can put in all out of state appts, "me time" evenings, etc. and he can see all of that. It's really great to be able to have that link.

3.) I schedule my life. I'm a list maker, and a visual person. I need a list somewhere where it will not get lost. An online planner does that for me. 

4.) I can search amazon right from the calendar! Imagine you are working on lesson plans and you suddenly remember you have to buy a specific book. Well there's this handy look up feature that lets you do just that, and more!

I mean seriously, how cool is that?! 

5.) Widgets: I really appreciate the daily quotes and Bible verses. they are a true pick me up on any given day. I like I can glance at the weather, order from amazon, check something on Wiki, and even create a reading list. The only widgets they don't have that I still REALLY want are a home budget and journal. I'd love to be able to input our credits and subtract out our debits using some kind of integrated spreadsheet program that M can see, too. But that's not a deal breaker for me, I still LOVE Homeschool Planet.

6.) Shopping lists sent to M's phone so he can stop on his way home. This is such a GREAT thing! No more forgetting to call him or text him! I can also send To-Do lists and messages.

7.) Lesson Plans. They have several lessons plans already made up using a variety of different curriculum choices. Here's  a screen snip of the Math Mammoth lesson plans. 

As you can see, I do a LOT with Homeschool Planet. I schedule all of my photography sessions, medical appointments, and housework. I can easily look up M's schedule, sent messages and lists, and even check the weather and Amazon. This program coordinates my life, and brings a little order to my chaos. The widgets are great, but I still wish there was a journal widget and a household budget widget. I LOVE the reading list widget! LOVE IT!

Homechool Planet

To be honest, when I first heard about it a couple of years ago, I never in a million years thought I would need it as badly as I did! I can't imagine how crazy my life would feel if not for the sanity I get from being organized.I have used this product more than any other planner out there!

Something Extra special to note: Right now, right this very moment (6/23/17) if you sign up for a free 1 month trial, you will also get a FREE Lesson plan valued $5-15 from the new Lesson Plan Marketplace! How awesome is that?!

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