Developing a schedule and choosing curriculum

I've been tasked by my son's doctor to create  a picture schedule for his school work. This means I also need to make final curriculum choices! This is SO hard for us! 

Reading: I'm unsure how to proceed here. I thought I had it all settled, but now I'm not so sure. I kind of want to do a theme unit from WinterPromise, and their Sea and Sky package looks GREAT. That would cover reading, geography, science, and even history. Right now, we are using Lightening Lit. 

Math: CTC and UnLock math are winning thus far.

Science: many options. I was going to finish off Awesome Science Historical Geology, but I have NO idea what he did with the disks! He's also still using Memoria Press Nature's Beautiful Order and Novare Earth Science.

Social Studies: We go back to reading here. He is doing Masterbooks Biographies of the Revolution and I think we're gonna add in World History Vol. 1, if we don't do sea and sky. Veritas Press Self Paced is set to start Sept.1, too. 

Language Arts: I just bought Winterpromise LA6. 

At least I have Language Arts settled!