Thrive, Plexus, and all the others.

I try to be a pretty positive person most of the time, but I have to admit to get really tired of the incessant sales pitches I get on a daily basis from my "friends" trying to sell me health products. My Facebook news feed is covered in what I call Commercial Posts from friends who are so eager to share the news Thrive product, or the latest, greatest Plexus deal. STOP IT! This is part of what is wrong in the world today. $150/month for thrive? Oh...but if I get 3 people to sign up under me, then mine is free? How does that even work? How? I'll tell you, it's called Pyramid marketing. I am sick of the daily emails telling me I'll have more energy, a slimmer waistline, and feel like "enjoying life" more if I dish out the money for all of these products. Suuuuure...I'll give you my $150/month so I can have the energy to do all of the things I can no longer afford. Seems like a great idea! And have you read the ingredients list? Don't even get me started. So please, PLEASE save us both the time, effort, and heart ache and just leave me alone! I didn't want the products last year when you asked, last month, last week, 3 days ago, yesterday...why do you think I want them today?!