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We love adding new reading material to our homeschool, so I was super excited to review Captain Absolutely by Focus On The Family. This is a really cute graphic novel style Christian book for kids that is based around Adventures in Odyssey.

 Captain Absolutely
I was really suprised when this came in because the artwork is really great. I was expecting more childish artwork for some reason. Why, I have no idea! But it's really good! The pages are kind of glossy, but not overly glossy. They are thick, too, which makes this more durable than a comic book.

The story is essentially about a guy (Josiah King) who is involved in an explosion. The explosion knocks him into a banned book area, and in this area he finds a Bible. He is able to read the Bible for the first time! He becomes Captain Absolutely when he reads God's word and comes to know God and understand his Plans for us. Darren is not so fortunate, and believes everyone should just live however they want. Darren becomes Dr. Relative when he basically becomes an Atheist who doesn't believe in God at all.

Our Thoughts:

Captain Absolutely and Dr. Relative fight and battle throughout the book. This is representational of the battles between good and evil. This is a great representation for kids to illustrate the on going battles we go through on a daily basis. It also points out "bad things" in a way kids can understand, like making temptation a villain. When put into a superhero comic book/graphic novel way, kids can more easily grasp the concepts presented in the book on a level with which they identify and understand. Mr. B had some difficulty following along with the pictures and dialogue. He's not accustomed to reading a comic book style graphic novel, so I had to guide and coach him so he wouldn't get lost in the process. Overall, he really enjoyed it. He liked the characters, and the story line. The presentation of it being a graphic novel is not "babyish" and really on the pre-teen level. The graphics and pictures are not crude or filthy like you'd see in other comics, so you can be safe in allowing your kids to free read this with out worry of anything inappropriate. As with anything religion based, I also advise reading through first to make sure it doesn't go against your personal, family beliefs.

Overall, we really like it. It's great for read aloud, or it's great to just let him free read on his own. For special needs/autism you may need to guide them, or maybe even number the order they should read if that is a problem for you like it was for us. After he got the hang it, there was no problem and I was able to let him go. That's a great thing now a days since even children's books have inappropriate (to us) content. I found nothing like that in Captain Absolutely. The superhero basis is all the rage now, and this book definitely has that angle. There are bible references included, so you could even use this as part of an overall Bible study if you really wanted to. It'd be great for a short study, at the very least. If you are familiar with Adventures in Odyssey, then some of the content may be familiar to you. If not, there is an episode list.
Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}
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