That time of year...

It's that time of year when I start thinking about what curriculum we want to choose for the upcoming year. We tend to school some year round, so that makes it more difficult in my mind to choose. If he REALLY loves something, he tends to work through it rather quickly, leaving me with a need to fill with another set of something.

He has a nice Zoology set from Masterbooks that he never finished, but I have misplaced 2 books. Figures, right?

He has Veritas Press self-paced history that will start in September, and I just picked up Biographies of the Revolution from Masterbooks as another history. It seems very well written and age appropriate for him.

Math: We are going to continue using Mammoth Math and CTC as of now, and I think we hve a supscription left of A+ that I never started. So we will do that, and save $$ on math.

We are wroking on Readers in Residence for a review, and I'm liking it enough so far to continue with it I think.

Language Arts: This one kills me. I have no idea.

Science: I am hoping for Apologia, and if not then I'll go to Masterbooks for that, too.

Soooo many choices! SOOOOO MANY!

What are your thoughts? Any products or vendors you're excited about?