OT at home? Depends on what you consider a toy!

Some parents buy their kids fake plastic tools. I get mine real (just smaller) and let him use them for OT at home. ;) He's been boring a hole through a wooden block for an hour now, using a screw driver and a hammer. GREAT for hand eye coordination, proprioceptive and sensory in general, fine motor, etc. The hammer is just a 4oz hammer, but it works!

You see, my son is using fine motor skills to grip the screw driver, he needs proprioceptive skills for hand eye coordination and to judge how much pressure and force he needs. The best ways to develop these are by doing. Plus, there's the added auditory sensory stuff that he has a problem with that he must overcome,and of course he has to exercise patience, too. He's wearing gloves and safety goggles, so we have tactile and facial covered.This is a huge WIN WIN.

It's always good to think outside the box. It may not be the latest, greatest electronic gadget that all the kids are raving about, but this is a gift my son truly enjoys. AND it doesn't as a great therapy tool that we can use over and over and over. And, if I get a few home improvement projects out of it then even better! HAHA! 


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