Autistic Siblings

A friend just posted that she was concerned her daughter may have autism, and how she felt bad for wishing her baby ends up being neurotypical. You see, her son, and I guess her husband too, all have autism.

My son has autism. And I'm pretty sure his little sister is on the spectrum, but she's not mine so I can only go by what I see when I see her. It's quite common for siblings to all be on the spectrum, and I would imagine wishing for at least 1 out of 3 to be neurotypical. Why would that be a bad thing to wish for? No one should be made to feel guilty for something like that. I hate that she feels guilty for wishing something I think most would wish for. Would I change Mr. B (or his sister)? NEVER! Do I wish he didn't have to struggle so much? YES! Yes I do. And for that, I'll choose to not feel guilt!