Holiday Hibernation....ahhhhh

Do you know what I LOVE to do during the Holidays? I Love to cozy up with my favorite blanket, and a pile of pillows, and watch cheesy holiday movies and indulge in some yummy snacks!

 I LOVE Hallmark movies! I am pretty sure I've seen 90% of the Holiday movies they show, and I've even DVR'ed some of my favorites to watch  later! Oh how I'm going to miss them until next year once they are gone in a few days! Sigh....

But until then, I have my Holiday Hibernation Essentials Checklist, brought to you by the good people of makers of the latex memory foam mattress in a box, right here so you can enjoy the last few days of Christmas in Hibernation Style! So check them out, and check out this check list, then cozy up for a relaxing day full of movies, snacks, and comfort! Ahhhhh!!!!!!

What could be better than a seriously comfy mattress piled high with soft, fluffy pillows while snuggled in your favorite holiday PJs? Well snacks like hot chocolate (or my favorite Cappuccino thanks to my brand new Keurig!) chips, veggies with ranch dip, cheese cubes, and of course my Hallmark Christmas Movies! That's really all I wanted for Christmas. Just some ME TIME where I could relax and veg out all I wanted! And I must say, it was fantastic!