Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mom fail

I've had a few Mom fails lately. 1.) I forgot a DNA test kit I was to complete for myself. Completely forgot about it. Then I couldn't find the forms that went with it, of course, they were with it. I mean...seriously. But of course I had called and was in the process of leaving a voicemail...a panic voice mail...because I couldn't find it. sigh...

THEN I freaked out over Mr. B having a blister on his tongue. In my defense, it looked like some kind of a flesh eating disease was trying to take over. Apparently, he must have bit it or something. Dr said he's good.

I almost missed his little sister's Thanksgiving dinner at school. She's not my child, but her mom needed me to take her. Thank God we made it in time for her!

Yes folks, it's been a day...

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