Christian's Hope {REVIEW}

Christian’s Hope
Christian’s Hope (Herald Press, October 2016)
When Christian Hochstetler returns to the Amish after seven years in captivity, he finds that many things have shifted.
Captured as a child during the French and Indian War, Christian has spent much of his life among Native Americans, who cared for him and taught him their ways. Now that Christian is home, his father wants him to settle back into their predictable Amish life of farming, and Christian’s budding friendship with Orpha Rupp beckons him to stay as well.
Yet Christian feels restless, and he misses his adoptive Native American family—who raised him as their own son. When faced with a life-altering decision, will Christian choose the Amish identity that his father desires for him? Or will he depart from his family and faith community yet again?
Christian’s Hope tells the story of the younger brother of Joseph and son of Jacob, whom readers have come to love in the first two books in the Return to Northkill series. Based on actual events and written by a descendant of the Hochstetler family, Christian’s Hope brings the sweeping epic of the Return to Northkill series to a soul-stirring end.

My thoughts:
This was an interesting read for me. The writing style is very nice, and easy to read. The characters are extremely believable and life like, but a lot of that has to do with the story line. You see, this story is based off of a true story and involves the author's own family! The author is descended from the characters in the story. How cool is that?! With that said, I found myself a bit confused, and it was difficult to get really "into" the story because this is the 3rd book in the series, and I've not read the first two. I think if I had read the first two, then this one would have been much better for me, and I would have understood what was going on more. This is also a historical fiction Amish genre, and that's a new one on me! I read a lot of Amish fiction, but they are typically modern day. I liked the historical aspects of this! I like how the author conveyed the struggle of Joseph within the story. I only wish I had read the first two before this one. 

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