Frustrations...undue frustrations!

Raising a special needs child is challenging enough. So I really don't like having to do another's job. It's hard enough keeping up with medical schedules, documenting his every move to look for patterns, homeschool, and manage the household. Add to that I have to make sure scheduling is taken care of for medical appointments. I have to make sure they aren't conflicting with other obligation, and I have to make sure all medical records are sent where they need to be. All of this on top of trying to understand the records myself so that I can ask the appropriate questions, and have at least some understanding. With that said, when a doctor sends my son nearly 7 hours from home to a specialist at a fancy hospital for a potential issue, I expect their office to send the test results (that were thousands of dollars) with his chart to that doctor! I do not expect to get a wake up phone call from that doctor 1 week before his appointment asking ME for those test results. Nor do I expect to call the children's hospital to obtain those results, and have to spend an hour on the phone because no one knows what I'm talking about!

Dear Medical Profession,

It is not my job to do yours. If you send a patient with a potential condition, we will call this Condition X, then you should also send the test results that you think confirm Condition X. You should NOT lose these results, or remove them from the chart and claim I need to go through medical records which take 7-10 business days 1 week before his appointment, an appointment that took over 2 months to set in the first place. No, I'm not going to be particularly nice when you tell me you only have 2 test results, when I was told there were 4 tests ran, and no I'm not going to make a special trip back up there to sign a consent form when I will be up there already, and it's just not convenient for you to have it ready when I'm there. I have to drive 3 hours to get convenience trumps yours in this situation when you've had 6 months to get it right. And to the doctor, you went to med. school. I did not. If I have to explain a test result to you, do not question me when I ask for a 2nd opinion. And when I do ask for that 2nd opinion. SEND THE MEDICAL RECORDS AS REQUESTED!

Nearly 3 hours of my life today was spent dealing with this mess, and I should not have had to do this today. Unbelievable, and disappointing. And this is from one of the best hospitals in the country. have to stay on top of everything!