We love the zoo.

I discovered long ago that the best money saving plan was to purchase annual memberships to ascience center and a zoo so that when we go to out of state medical appointments we can enjoy free or deeply discounted admission to a fun activity, that also includes an educational component.

Here are just a few photos from our most recent Zoo trip.

Africa is my personal favorite. I love the giraffes! A few times a day you can even feed them! These majestic beasts are huge! I grossly underestimated their size the first time I saw them! 

No trip would be complete without a stop by the reptile and amphibian house. 

On this day, the lions were so interactive. There were about 8 under this roof, all relaxing and pawing at the guests. 

This snake was HUGE! 

I'm not a bat fan, but this bat from Asia was a beautiful site! He kept stretching his wings. 

A momma and her cubs! 

We go to the zoo frequently, and it seems as if we always discover something new!