{REVIEW} Annual Subscription
Mr. B LOVES taking my phone and sending 1.5 bazillion texts to family and friends, and he has wanted his own email account for quite sometime now, but I refused due to safety concerns. Well, has solved those safety concerns! We were blessed with an Annual Subscription to review, and I gotta say it has been a GREAT review period for Mr. B! is a unique email system designed for kids and teens that provides parents with controls and safety measures that keep their kids safe while emailing. You can rest assured that your children are as safe as they can be with
How does it work?
You sign up for an account, and depending on your plan, you add children to the plan. The Annual Subscription the crew received was for up to 6 email accounts. I only have Mr. B, so we have been using only 1. 
There are a number of display options, and your child can choose which one they like most. These display options are how your child's email account will look. Mr. B chose an iPod looking display. There are some that look like race cars, etc. 
As a parent you also have a lot of control features. I can place a time limit on Mr. B, I add contacts to his list, and I can block contacts, as well. I can even ground him for a period of time, and there's no way he can sneak into his email when I'm not paying attention! Clever, huh! There are also NO ads, so there's no chance of your child seeing or clicking on anything inappropriate! 
My FAVORITE feature is the option that sends me a copy of every incoming and outgoing email from his account. So not only can I see who is emailing him, but I can see exactly what is being emailed! You can't be too careful. Also, if an email fails the safety test, for example if it is from an unknown sender who is not approved, that mail is rerouted to a queue that only I can access, so that I can look at the message and determine whether or not he should receive it. This is GREAT! 

I LOVE this feature! It is just a relief to know that your child won't be receiving unknown and unwanted emails!

As far as set up goes, it is really easy. There are two main options: Younger kid or older tween/teen. Younger kids get a email and tween/teens get a This way, the older crew do not FEEL like they are "kids" with their own, more grown up email. They can customize the look on their own, and you have control over the email address. Of course, your chosen name may be taken, but you can keep choosing.

There is also a teen login and a kids login. 

Here is a screen snip of the features found on the parent page. 

Here is a small sample of the display options. These can be changed anytime. 

You can get an activity log, such as this, which shows you who your child emailed, the date, and the time of the email. Like I said, he's gone crazy with email! 

You can also restrict certain hours on certain days, easily, with the restrict feature. 

And this is the grounding feature. I think this is so clever!

Here's what the safety list looks like. 

How we used this: Annual Subscription

Mr. B has gone EMAIL CRAZY! Seriously! He will be sitting beside me, and email me to ask for a drink of water! He spent a few days with his mamaw, and he emailed me several times from there to let me know what he was doing, what he was eating, and how he felt since he has had a pretty nasty cold. It has also been a great tool for communicating with his dad. I have acted as the liaison between his bio-father and him for the last 7.5 years. Now with his own account, he can email his dad and talk to him as he wishes, and his dad can email him. I don't have to orchestrate visits, etc. because they now have the ability to do that on their own. That has been a huge plus for us. 
Overall, I LOVE This! We plan to continue using this through out our subscription, and I'll most likely renew when our time is out! 

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