3D Coin Art Empire State Building {REVIEW}

Hey everyone! We recently received a 3D Coin Art Empire State Building to review, and mercy did Mr. B have a great time! 3D Coin Art is not just a fun, 3D puzzle to build, but a great way to save change, too! It's like a 3D puzzle bank!

How does it work?

The Empire State Building uses about $50.00 in coins. It needs quarters, dimes, and nickles. There are no pennies needed. You are provided with a visual map that indicates the type of coin needed for each part, as well as the total number of each coin you need. You are also provided with a sorting tray to easily sort coins for an easier construction.

Our thoughts:
Mr. B set to work immediately! He grabbed his piggy bank of coins, and dumped them all out. Then he spent a great deal of time using the coin sorter tray to sort through them, making sure he had all of the coins needed for construction.

This sorting process took him quite a bit of time, but he enjoyed it a lot! 

The tray really made it a lot easier to make sure we had enough of each coin, and it made it easier when it came time to actually construct the model. We didn't have to spend a lot of time hunting for each type of coin.

The actual model is a hard plastic case that is in 2 halves. You follow the coin map (you can see it there in the corner of the above photo) and arrange the coins as indicated on that diagram. Once you have the coins in place, you simply place the other half on top, and snap it together. Then you take it and place it in it's base. 

I was a little worried it would be easily knocked over, or that it would come apart easy, but we transported the finished product over 70 miles so he could show his mamaw, and it made the trip just fine! THEN I inadvertently left it in the car for a few hundred more miles, and it's still just dandy! The plastic is very sturdy and solid, and snaps together solidly. It really is a very lovely piece of work! I didn't expect to find it visually appealing, but it truly is!

I find this to be best suited for older kids and adults, though younger kids would have a great time sorting the coins. This could be a great family fun activity that would help teach younger kids the concept of money. It would also be a great activity to include in a unit study that involved US History, NYC, etc. I highly recommend it! 

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**I received product and/or other compensation for this HONEST review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.**