One of the most common things I hear from people when they learn we homeschool is "I could never do that." Well, yes you can!

You taught that child how to walk. 

You taught that child how to talk. 

What makes you think you can't teach your child what 1+1 is?!

God gave us our children, knowing we COULD do it. No one will ever be able to teach your child everything they will ever need to know. That's just the truth. You can't. I can't. No one can. There are some things in life your child will have to learn on their own. But you can instill in them the ability to learn. The love to learn. The desire to learn. And once you do that, have taught your child everything they will ever need to know to succeed academically. 

That's really the gist of it. Your child will learn history if they have a desire to do so. If they love it, they will learn it. Your job isn't necessarily to teach the subjects, but to teach your child how to learn. It is to set your child up for success in learning. Give them the tools, show them how to use those tools, and let them take off and learn! It really is that simple!