5 Days of Homeschooling 101 CURRICULUM

Ahhh...August. Time for all things Back to School. There's clothes, school supplies, and the promise that the local parks and playgrounds are going to be quiet and empty soon....sooo very soon! It also means planning-Insert horror movie music here. I hate planning. I'm sooo not a planning person when it comes to our school life. BUT it is a necessary evil. 

I'm not a planner person because it requires laying out a curriculum and and deciding what to do, and when. My problem with this is I'm torn between products! I want them all! And then doing reviews, sometimes I don't know what we will have and when. So planning can be a bit difficult. Special needs can also throw a wrench into what products we can use, and what works vs. what doesn't. Add to that, out of state appointments and it's just a nightmare for me right now! 

With that said, here's the plan-thus far.

Core: Time4Learning.com. It's not that expensive at $20/month. We can take it with us, it's fun, and I can print out reports as needed. It's also really easy to keep doing this, and add in review products as we get them. 

Math: We are going to stick with CTC for the foreseeable future. Like T4L, we can take it with us. He can use his tablet, do his lessons, and there's not a lot of book/paper to keep up with. Perfect for hospital or clinic waiting rooms. 

Science: Sigh...I'm not 100% set yet. We were going to use Apologia Astronomy, but Mr. B has nearly finished that just for fun! Seriously, this kid loves astronomy (review to come on that one!) I'm pretty sure we are going to work our way through MasterBooks Zoology and finish it up, but after that I'm not 100% sure. I will probably use some of the Critical Thinking Co. Science that we reviewed last year. I can take specific pages with us, and he can use the internet on his tablet for the Critical Thinking Co Surfing the Net for Science workbook. I may pick up a Daily Science for 6th grade for him, I've not fully decided. 

Language Arts: We are going to rely heavily on T4L for Language Arts, while also utilizing Writers in Residence and other workbooks and worksheets that we have or can print. This would be easy to take with us. 

Reading: We plan to continue with Memoria Press and Progeny Press literature guides. I love them! They are thin and small enough to take on the go, and they are pretty comprehensive. 

Those are my thoughts so far, what about you? Do you piece together your own? Do you use a boxed set? Let me know in the comments! 

5 Days of Homeschool 101


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