5 Days Blog Hop Day 3: HOME MANAGEMENT

Home Management 101

I sometimes feel like I need to take a class in this myself. I'm not sure I'm qualified to give much "advice."  Home Management seems to cover so much area, too. So, I'll just say what we do.


I coupon, first and foremost. I go to blogs, I research, I plan sales and I look up the coupon insert schedule so I know what's going to come and when. I organize them all by type and company, and save 100s each year doing this! 

I have also budgeted our monthly utilities in such a way that we are able to pay all of our bills at one time each month. This is so helpful! I get everything paid upfront, nothing is late, and I know exactly when each bill has been paid. For those who can't do this, I would suggest a bi-monthly plan if possible.

We take 10-20% and put that into savings. We keep an emergency savings account in the event we need tires in a pinch, or if an appliance goes out we can get it. We are currently rebuilding this as we just had to purchase a new riding lawn mower. May not be a need for some, but if you have heart problems, a riding mower is a literal life saver! Having this emergency fund greatly reduces our stress when major purchases must me made. 

We also evaluate everything to make sure it's a NEED vs. a WANT. Sure we WANT to go to the movies weekly, but is that a NEED to justify the expense? Can we wait until Redbox has this movie? Ok...so any movie is a want, but there are those special ones we have waited to see that we justify the cost of tickets and popcorn. We have reduced our movie going, and other unnecessary expenses, greatly over the past year due to expenses that we have had to make that are out of our control. Those look to be ending soon, but we will maintain our need vs. want method in order to build up our savings.

We don't do debt. If we can't pay for it outright, or if it is a need and we can't pay it back with in 5 months, we figure out a different way. We don't do debt. Debt is stress, and I hate stress. 

We do other things to save money as well. Menu planning, shopping lists, thrift stores, clearance sales, and yardsales are just a few things we do to save money. 

Household Chores:

I'm big on everyone doing their share. I have health problems and I can't keep up a 2400 sq ft home on my own. I also can't let it go and expect to tackle it. I like Fly Lady and her methods, but that's even too much sometimes. I like to make sure my bathrooms and kitchen are all clean before bed. There's nothing better than waking up to a clean kitchen! I also make sure the rooms are clean down to the bed. This helps sooooo much! I do weekly deep cleaning of each room, picking a room or two each day. And I take 15 minutes each day to tidy up 2 rooms. I make sure all trash is taken care of right away, and I wash a load of laundry daily so that it doesn't pile up. I keep a large hamper in each room, and wash/dry/fold/put away as soon as it is full. I even keep a small one in the kitchen for dish towels!

We take a day each week to do a "once over" of the house, to make sure everything is kept up and clean. M does his part, Mr. B does his. We share duties since we share work, and our household runs smoothly as a result!