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Hey everyone! I'm excited to bring you this review of My Father's House, by Rose Chandler Johnson

This novel was a hard read for me. Not because it's bad or anything like that. But due to the subject matter. If you have ever survived (yes, I use the word survived, because it was complete survival by the grace of God) an abusive relationship, then you can understand what I mean when I say that. Lily Rose marries a charming man who changes to his true form once they are wed. He is abusive towards her. I could definitely identify with this! But I digress....Anyway, she flees her northern home and marriage for the safe sanctuary of her father's southern home. Lily is young, and it shows in the book. Even by the end she's still portrayed as quite young, and somewhat needy. She needs the help and support of others to remain a strong character. All of the characters are well developed, and the first person voice makes this more like a private diary than a novel. Warning: There are a couple of curse words. Sex, rape, and violence are also attributes, though there are no graphic sex scenes or anything like that. It is still worth the mention in case that kind of thing offends you. The storyline starts out a bit slow for me, but picks up. Of course, it is very believable (if not a wee bit predictable, but maybe that's just me...) and well written. 

About the book: 

My Father's House (March 2016)

Growing up, life is idyllic for Lily Rose Cates due to one constant --- her father's love.

But in her sixteenth summer, all that changes without warning. There begins Lily's struggle to find herself and the life she's lost. . . . Marriage promises fulfillment, but her happily-ever-after barely survives the honeymoon. Her husband's sophisticated façade hides a brooding man with even darker secrets.

When all illusions shatter, Lily must make hard choices --- abandon her husband or risk losing much more than her marriage. She flees their home in Detroit and sets out on a fearful journey to a house in Georgia that her husband knows nothing about. This is one woman's compelling tale of love and survival as she finds her way back home to who she's meant to be . . . in her father's house.

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About the author:

Rose Chandler Johnson
 is the author of the award winning devotional God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea: Experiencing God in the Midst of Everyday MomentsMy Father's House is her first novel. She happily makes her home near Augusta, Georgia.

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**I received a copy of this free from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review. I wasn't required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.**


  1. Thank you Missica for reading my debut novel and sharing your thoughts with your readers on your blog. I hope the story can be encouraging to those who might be in abusive relationships...and those who don't really understand that situation. I understand your pain. Part of the story was so difficult for me to write that I put it down for a year. But as you probably realized, the negative was not the focus of the story. "I had fainted had I not expected to see the good of the Lord in the land of the living." And the protagonist finds the goodness of the Lord. God is faithful. (A few mild curse words only, and nothing at all graphic or explicit. I hope the "warning" won't deter anyone for reading this story of hope.)


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