Planning for the upcoming school year

I'm not one to plan ahead. I get too frustrated with myself when my plans need to be changed, or when I've over planned. Over planning is the WORST! You work so hard to make sure you don't forget any detail, but you end up leaving yourself no breathing room! It's like working so hard to mop the bathroom, only to realize you've mopped yourself into a corner. No matter what you do, you're gonna have to redo some work. I am much more of a go with the flow type of person.

I do like a few different planners. They are easily changed, help me to keep my life organized, and I can use them for more than just planning our homeschooling days.

Homeschool Planet is one of my favorite online planners. It is easy to use, and does more than just homeschool. User friendly is HUGE for me. I like to be able to schedule an entire year in a pinch. Why should I have to go in to every day or week and add Math 4 days a week?! No thanks! Homeschool Planet makes this easy so that you can essentially plan multiple days at the same time. It's similar to recurring alarms on a smartphone! It will also let you create, and text, shopping lists! BONUS! Beyond all of that, I can schedule photography sessions, household chores, and daily outings as needed as well. AND the program emails me reminders. A planner that reminds me to use it? YES PLEASE!

The Old Schoolhouse Hey Mama! Print 2016-2017 Planner is a great print planner. OR you can buy it as a digital download and print only the parts you need, when you need it. I like this planner because it has multiple calendar layout choices AND there are some really great devotionals included. The educational resources are very helpful and handy, too.

Another favorite printed and bound planner is the Ultimate Homeschool Planner by Apologia. I LOVE the journal aspect with this planner! It is my favorite part of this planner, and a portion I use all the time! I love it!

Check out those linked planners to see some reviews on them, and decide for yourself if you think these planners could benefit you. I know they have certainly helped me!