I can remember being being the little kid to parents of a teenage boy. A teenage boy who always found himself in trouble, thus requiring the attention of my parents. My dad worked on the road a lot, so my mom was essentially a married, but single, mom. I discovered I could get her attention faster if I yelled as if something was terribly wrong. the first couple of weeks she'd come running! I thought, WOW! This is fantastic! So, I kept doing it. And soon enough, it lost it's magic. I was the quintessential boy calling wolf-----or girl in this case. So why am I surprised my son is now doing the same exact thing?

Mr. B is an only child, and as a result I've had to purposely ignore requests to try and get him to develop some independence. I mean, 10yrs old he can get his own cup of water. Am I right?! So here I sit, working on reviews or blogs, and I suddenly hear a frantic MOOOMMMMMMYM?!?!?!??!?! As if someone has broke in his room. So I go sprinting to rescue him. What do I find? "Mommy, I left the light on and I'm comfy. Can you get it?" Seriously?! My kid screams like he's Liam Neeson's kid on a Taken movie, and it's because he's comfy and the light was left on?!

Prayers friends, I need prayers. And therapy after that experience. Whew!