The Dying Art of Customer Service

Customer Service: (noun) The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.

I have found, especially in recent years, that the art of good customer service is gone. The other day I was at Dollar General. I only needed a few items, but I am in there a LOT. I coupon, and it's my go to place. So much so, that the store manager and others know me. Well, they had a young new hire and she was at the register. There was another young lady there, who appeared to be her friend. The two stood there talking away about topics that should have probably stayed private. So anyway, I noticed she never greeted the lady in front of me, nor did she say thank you. She merely took her money, gave her change, and never stopped talking to her friend. Then it was my turn. And the same thing. The girl actually jerked my money back, tossed my change, and then ran outside with her friend, never even bothering to give me my receipt or hand me my bags. I NEEDED my receipt so I was forced to go back through the store looking for someone else so that I didn't look like I was trying to steal anything. Oh, she left the keys in the register, too. I was appalled at the lack of courtesy and respect! 

On the flip side, I'm doing a review for MasterBooks. A DVD that is included in the curriculum I'm using wasn't sent, by accident. I emailed customer service and with in 3 days I had the DVD set delivered with no hassle. Talk about a breath of fresh air! 

PLEASE companies, take a lesson from MasterBooks. Customer service can truly be a make or break situation.