Why we do NOT support Autism Speaks

Tomorrow is April 2nd. "World Autism Day." Autism Speaks has done a great job of convincing people to wear blue to "support" those with autism and "bring awareness" to autism. I, as a mother of son with autism, will not be wearing blue. We do NOT support Autism Speaks. We will NOT support Autism Speaks in any fashion.
1.) Autism Speaks supports eugenics. What does that mean? They are actively seeking ways to prevent autism, including prenatal tests that would possibly detect the possibility of a baby having autism, and allowing for the parents to abort. I will not support an organization that thinks my son, or others I know with autism, should have been prevented. He is wonderfully made, and I couldn't imagine him any different.
2.) They give less than 10% of their "earnings" to families with autism. Who are they supporting? The top executives in their company who all earn well above 100k per year.
3.) They do not employ anyone with autism in their upper ranks. So...lets think about this for a minute. They want advocacy and awareness, but they aren't willing to walk the walk to support their talk?
4.) They have a history of supporting dangerous movements that can endanger the lives of those they supposedly support and others. Such as anti-vaccine movements and supporting electric shock therapy-which has been ruled torture.
5.) Their fundraising efforts extract money AWAY from local communities where those funds could be put to use helping the local families. Only about 1% of their funds go to research therapy and quality of service.
6.) They play on emotions perpetuating stereotypes that all persons with autism are burdens on their family, dangerous to themselves or their families, etc. They do NOT show real autism, they do NOT show the spectrum. They show worst case scenarios to get more money. Ratings....it's all about the ratings.
7.) The ONLY board member to ever identify as being on the spectrum resigned in protest, stating: “Autism Speaks says it’s the advocacy group for people with autism and their families. It’s not, despite having had many chances to become that voice. Autism Speaks is the only major medical or mental health nonprofit whose legitimacy is constantly challenged by a large percentage of the people affected by the condition they target.”
8.) They promoted an ad campaign that featured board members talking about how they contemplated horrific acts such as murder/suicide as a result of their child's autism....in front of that child! WHY?!
9.) They are responsible for THIS video. Just....no.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mycxSJ3-_Q
10.) Basically, autism speaks has gone above and beyond to create a stigma and stereotype surrounding autism to pad their pockets more and more. They wish to eliminate autism similar to how some parents can "eliminate" downs in their unborn children.
We want acceptance. They can keep their awareness. All the awareness in the world will do NOTHING if we do not start accepting our children for who they are. Wonderful people who deserve better than Autism Speaks. So no....We will not be wearing blue tomorrow. We do not support Autism Speaks.