H&W Kid's Clothes

I am so happy to introduce this BRAND NEW clothing company! Everyone, meet H&W! H&W started when one mom wanted trendy, stylish clothes for her sons at an affordable price. So she sat down with a sewing machine and fabric, and the result is H&W! Everything is designed and made by her, so you know you are getting 100% top quality clothing. She has styles for both boys and girls, and many things are gender neutral so co-ed sibling pairs can match or swap clothing. 

Here are just a few of her products:

These are a few of their spring and summer 2016 line. In the fall and winter they offer new lines of pants. Everything is limited, so you get a product that is as exclusive as it gets at a fantastic price! She even offers a "Facebook Chat" and welcomes resale and trades! So go and check out H&W today, and let me know what you think! 

**I did NOT receive a product in exchange for my honest review. I just love these so much I wanted to review them on my own! **