The BEST Crew around!

Did you know I'm a member of The Schoolhouse Review Crew? Well, I am! That's how I am able to bring you all these FANTASTIC curriculum and homeschool reviews. 90% of my reviews are Schoolhouse Review Crew reviews, and I'm not the only one! The crew is made up of over 200 reviewers and leaders. We work hard to integrate curriculum changes and try out new products so that you can get a sense of how products work, what they are like, etc. before you buy. We all offer unbiased and honest opinions, tips and tricks, and lots of photos. Often times, vendors will even give us special coupon codes that really save you a lot of money! 

I am not on every review that comes across the review board, even though sometimes it may seem like it HAHA! We have a LOT of fantastic reviews going right now that I will not be on, and several more coming up over the coming months. That's where the Review Crew Facebook page comes in! Here you can stay on top of all the GREAT reviews that come in, and choose from up to 100 reviews to get a true sense of the product before you buy! So mosey on over and Like them today!