SimplyFun REVIEW

SimplyFun Review
We have had a blast reviewing Archery Dice, one of four of SimplyFun new releases. SimplyFun offers a large assortment of great games that are fun for the entire family. Not only are these games fun, but they also target education and development, too. Archery Dice is a strategy game that also targets hand-eye coordination. 

What is in the box:

The box consists of 4 sets of 3 colored dice, 4 matching wooden disks, and 16 bull's eye circular targets, and a set of rules.
How to Play:

In the spirit of an honest review, I have to say that the directions were not clear. The game play is easy, once you navigate the directions....but they can be confusing. Basically you take the circular bull's eye markers and you place them in a triangular form. You make sure they are at 1-2 bull's eye lengths away from each player's play space. You stack your dice your wooden disk, then you take turns "flicking" your dice at the targets. If you dice lands on a bull's eye then you stand a chance to win that bull's eye for the round. If you end up with "doubles" at anytime-where and two of your dice, with the exception of stacked dice, are face up on the same number you can yell "Doubles" and choose one to put back on your play stack. After each player has flicked all of their dice, the one with the largest number on the bull's eye gets to take that target and place it under their stack. If a die falls off for any reason, or goes out of bounds, that die is placed under the wooden disk and is no longer playable for that round. If a player has a target under their dice stack, another player can try to steal that stack by landing on it. You can also target another player's dice stack. If your targets remain at the end of the round then you "bank" them, and no other player can steal them.  The first player to bank four targets wins. 

Now this is where we were confused. The directions do not specifically say whether or not the dice must be ON the bull's eye completely, or if it counts if it is just partially on the bull's eye during this stage of the game play. It does specifically state that in order to steal a target the die must be completely on the target. The directions are also not fully clear on instances where a player has more than one target under their stack and another player tries to steal. Does the player stealing win the whole stack, or just one? Once we played one game, we caught on fairly quickly and did not find we needed to refer to the game rules much. Since it wasn't clear in the directions, we chose to play by the rule that as long as part of the die was on the target it could be claimed, and a player only steals one target at a time. 

Overall, we found this game to be very fun and enjoyable. It is fast paced and great for a family game night. It does not take long to finish a full game, and it is really great for hand-eye coordination and strategy building skills. For special needs, it's a great game to reinforce turn taking skills, and fine motor skills. It helps with proprioceptive and spatial awareness since you have to carefully gauge how hard to flick your dice. Archery Dice by SimplyFun is a fun, fast family game. 
SimplyFun Review
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