How I homeschool when.....I have an "only" one.

I've noticed something in the homeschool world...I seem to be a bit of a rare creature with my only child. It seems the vast majority of homeschooling families have multiple children, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10....but it's rare to find a family with only one, especially only child who is 10+. I have found most homeschool product companies market to families with multiple children, and for good reason of course, so sometimes we have to get creative with our schooling to make it work.

Family plans vs. single subjects

This can be a tricky one! Family plans usually cost more, BUT you tend to have access to multiple grade ranges. This is great if you have a family of several children (or even just 2) but for 1, most will not need to invest in a family plan. With that said, in the world of autism/ADHD staggered family plans like you see with A+ Interactive Math is great since you can go back a couple of grade levels to refresh if you need, and jump ahead when you can. they offer a staggered approach I really like. Or you can get just a single grade level for really cheap.

Other companies offer multi-grade ranges on their subjects. This is great fi you have 2 or 3+ kids who are semi-close in age so that you can use the same subjects with them, saving money. For a singleton, it's not really that much of an issue. I like grade range subjects since special needs kids can be all over the academic spectrum, and a ranged product just makes sense. We LOVE Masterbooks for this reason.

Copyright allowances are also great. Some companies actually encourage you to resell. This is great if you have a single child using the product since you are apt to get a higher resell value for less use. You can also buy used, which will save money.


I hate to hear the socialization argument. I really do. Homeschooled kids are more socialized than their traditional schooled peers. BUT only children in general lack a certain level of peer reinforcement without siblings at home. They tend to not share well, etc. We spend a lot of time with other kids his age. He has very good friends who come over, we do various activities etc. It's like with any child who is an only child, no difference there.

Some products require multiple children, or are designed for multiple children. When we encounter one of these we utilize those friends to help out. Or we do them as a group project with friends or co-op. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Fast and Easy

Our school day moves pretty quickly. There's no other child to demand my attention, so it's direct one to one teaching. Often times he will be working on his school work, and this allows me to do house work, blogging, reading, etc. I use his school time as my busy time. Most of the time our school day will only last around 3 hours, leaving us the whole day to do other things, go out and about, etc.

All in all, I think we do just dandy has a homeschooling family of one child. We save a lot of money with activities and products since there's only one to buy for. Our days are pretty fast. And when we need more kids, we have friends who are more than willing to help out!

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  1. Indeed. Couldn't agree with you more. I love my only and our flexibility in how we school.

  2. I had never thought about the fact that a family plan might work out really well with just one child since it would help with review in other level. Great things to share and point out. Maybe companies will hear that from you and use it to help other families. - Lori

    1. Flexibility is always great! To be tied into one grade area is trying to fit a child in to a standardized plan, in some ways. The freedom of level choice is something I greatly appreciate in companies who offer such.


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