How do I Homeschool When....I have a child with special needs.

Homeschooling special needs is wonderful because of the flexibility afforded to us. I couldn't imagine not homeschooling!

If my son needs a break, guess what? We take a break. That simple. If he's had a really bad night (sometimes autism happens, and we're up all night) then we take the day off. There's no doctor's excuse needed, no phone calls to make to the school....we just take the day off. Or we do something low key like documentaries, or fun hands on things.

We also take liberties with our curriculum. Sometimes he will give oral answers, instead of writing them out. Sometimes he will type them out. That's the beauty of homeschooling. We can tweak things the way we need. It's also great to be able to pick and choose various levels, and move at our own pace. There is no rush to be on a certain topic by a certain date. We can take our time and make sure he has fully mastered everything before moving on. At the same time, there's no need to stay on a topic once it has been mastered, so we can jump ahead faster in some areas when needed.

Homeschooling also gives us the ability to focus on life skills. I can teach him daily living skills such as personal hygiene and household skills, as well as life skills such as going to the store, banking, etc. We wouldn't be able to work on these skills like we do now if not for homeschooling.

Homeschooling special needs is not hard. A lot of times it truly is the best option to give your child the best chance at reaching their true potential.

I've posted about this a lot, and will be doing so more often. So I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm also not going to touch on the subject of bullying since that is going to be a topic for later.

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How Do I Homeschool When ... ?


  1. The reasons you list for homeschooling a special needs child is very similar to the reasons I would list for home educating our children. This ability to direct their education for THEM and no one else is wonderful. The children definitely benefit from that! - Lori


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