Our Favorite Books

When asked what my MUST read books are, my mind goes blank! Honestly, I LOVE reading. I read so much that I have a hard time remembering which title goes with which story! TRUTH! But there are a few favorites that stand out in my mind that I feel make for really great reads with your children. I use these as a story time with my son. I do this because some of my fondest school memories are of the teacher reading to us as a class. I can't think of a single student who wasn't thrilled when it was reading time, and this lasted until 8th grade! Some of these are great for older students to read alone. In no particular order:

1.) The Narnia series. For us, the best order is the order in which the books were released. Otherwise, you loose some of the magic of the series. 
2.) Alice in Wonderland, and read it before watching the movie. 
3.) The Indian in the Cupboard. I remember this from 4th grade!
4.) Number the Stars. My 7th grade teacher had this as a required book, and I loved it so much I was allowed to keep it. It is truly one of my favorites. 
5.) The Maze Runner Series. The first is a little slow to start, but after that I was hooked. Do not read the prequel first!
6.) Any of the Magic Treehouse Books. WE LOVE THESE! And we have a ton of them!
7.) Choose Your Own Adventure books. This should be a given haha!
8.) The Bible. Certainly not last, and never least. 
Our Must Read Books for 2016 {Dad & Mum's Book Stand}