So I need a new couch. Mr. B's health issues have rendered my microfiber sectional to the level of -ICK. Meaning, it's bad. It's stained, ripped, etc. I NEED a new couch. The problem? I'm indecisive. I want something durable. I want something I know will last a long time. I thought about "Durablend" which is bonded leather, but I'm learning that's not a good choice since it easily fades/flakes/peels. What's the point of spending $700 on a couch if it's going to look all peelie gross in a year????

So now I'm stuck trying to justify spending  $$ I really don't have on leather. Or rather Leather Touch, meaning where you touch it there's leather. Seating, back, arms, etc. are all leather. The sides and back are a matching vinyl.

Suggestions and recommendations would be GREAT!