Wednesday, November 11, 2015

After all these years....

After all these years, I still get so nervous when I send out a couple's wedding photos. I wait, sometimes even patiently, on pins and needles to hear what they think. And it's messages like the one I got tonight that make it so worth it. The bride loved her wedding photos so much she cried. Their exact words, "We love them so much. They are beautiful. The wife....she cried. Thank you so much!" They thank me....every time. That still blows my mind. I thank them. I appreciate them for giving me the blessing and the honor to be apart of their special day, and such an amazing moment in their lives....and they thank me. I still feel amazed and shocked every single time. I truly hope that feeling never leaves, for when it does it will be come a job. I don't want it to ever become a job.

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