Proving the Never Wrong

When I was told Brady would never speak, never show true emotion, never play like other kids, never...never...never...I made a decision to push him and prove all those nevers wrong. Temple Grandin was a super hero to me at that time, and still is. She's 100% right. You have to teach skills, even skills that a neurotypical kid would pick up on their own, and ASD'er may not. I have had to teach Brayden each social skill. But more than just teaching WHAT to do, he has to be taught WHY. That is so often overlooked I think. Well, that and the pushing. It is so sad to me when I hear of a parent who just accepts a diagnosis as the final answer-giving in to tendencies, restraining (don't even get me started on this one!) and giving up. It would have been easy to just accept what all of the so called experts had said, but that was never an option. PUSH your kid, make them strive to be better, and TEACH them.