My 2015/2016 Curriculum Choices....thus far. Blog Hop Day #4

There is a certain wondrous excitement when it comes to homeschool curriculum. There's also a bit of an addiction that can occur haha! I have never used a "boxed" set, instead I have always elected to build my own curriculum. This is beneficial for multiple reasons.

 First, I can tailor each subject to our specific needs. When dealing with special needs, the ability to be flexible with curriculum is essential. I also have to make sure that anything we choose can be tailored to fit US. I look to make sure we aren't locked into a specific grade or level, or that the expense isn't too much if we need to change levels. I also make sure there are no hidden fees, and it is long lasting in case we have to take our time.

Next, cost is important. If I could afford nearly $1000 or more for curriculum, maybe I'd change my mind. But since I can't, I try to come as close as I can with the resources provided to me.

With all of that said, here is what we plan to use for the upcoming year, keeping in mind that review products will be added as necessary, and may even replace things depending on how they work out with us!

Reading: and  Language Arts: We will be using various worksheets and workbooks to cover the basics of grammar and parts of speech. I plan to integrate a literature program that will cover both reading and language arts. I've not yet fully decided on which one I plan to purchase. I hope to try out both Progeny and Moving Beyond the Page, and make a decision after that. We will DEFINITELY continue to use Dynamic Literacy WordBuildOnline  and Star Toaster.

Science: We will be using Visual Learning Systems Digital Science Online. I like that I have an assortment of topics from which to choose, and I can tweak it as needed. We can complete an entire topic in one day, or I can stretch it out to last a week. Mr. B really likes the videos, and the associated print package that goes with each topic is great.

Math:  We both really, REALLY like A+ Interactive Math. If you choose the family package, you can choose whatever grade you need. This means if you have a child who is on multiple grade ranges, you can easily choose the level you need at any given time. This works great for us since Mr. B isn't as good with subtraction, so he needs a lower level there, but he can do very well with pre-algebra. I also like UnLock Math to develop independent learning. Mr. B really enjoys the videos from both of these programs.

Social Studies: We LOVE Homeschool In The Woods!! It is a fantastic, hands-on program that brings history to life in a fun and memorable way. We love to sit together and work on the projects together. They offer both US History and world history options. We have never been disappointed with Homeschool In The Woods.

I will supplement as necessary, and change it up when I see Mr. B becoming tired or bored with a particular product. I like to interchange and keep things fresh to spur on his interest. But as of now, these are the choices!

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  1. We also kept Dynamic Literacy and Homeschool in the Woods in our curriculum. Great choices!

    1. The folks at Dynamic Literacy have really been doing a lot of research into special needs learners, and how they can better help them. Their program has been GREAT for Mr. B, and I've been able to speak with them a great deal about autism. I am really impressed by them!


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