Blog Hope Day 5 Back to School Traditions and Gifts.

My son doesn't get toys and gifts for everything. He gets gets for his birthday and Christmas. I will also get him some little something for Valentine's Day (usually one of those little $1.00 boxes of chocolates, a small stuffed animal and a balloon....roughly $3-$5.00) And he will get an Easter basket that usually has a $5-$10.00 gift in it. With that said, I inadvertently started a "tradition" with him a couple years ago. I purchased one of these clear plastic cinch bags at Walmart full of supplies. I think then it was  a little cheaper than it is today. I left it "Toothfairy" style for him to find when he woke up for his first morning back to school. It was a huge hit! This made him really look forward to the start of our official school year for the next year. I haven't picked up his "Back to School gift" for this year yet. I've not quite decided what to get. I was thinking maybe a new insulated lunch bag since we've been enjoying picnics in the park (something his autism symptoms haven't allowed for a while.) or maybe an all together new bookbag since his are all rather old now. Maybe you all could give me a few suggestions! I know we live in a world where kids feel they are entitled to a gift for every occasion, and going back to school may not be a big deal for a lot. But for us, this makes for a fun little treat to start the year off right. He enjoys it, and it's sort of like an "award" for completing the previous year and being "promoted" on to the next grade.

Do you have any back to school traditions or suggestions for a back to school gift bag treat? If so, drop me a comment and let me know!