1st Day of School (Day #4 Blog Hop)

Today is the 1st day of school for our school district. Do you know what that means? CELEBRATION!!!!!!! (I need a cool party hat emoti right here!) As tradition goes, we spend the first day of school sleeping in, playing, having fun, and enjoying things we couldn't do if we didn't homeschool! This is a holiday for homeschoolers!

What does the first day of school mean for a homeschooler?

1.) We have the park to ourselves! If we go during school hours, we can typically enjoy the playground, etc. to ourselves.

2.) The mall isn't overrun with teenagers. 

3.) The pools are still open, and uncrowded! This goes for splash parks, too.

4.) Science centers/Museums are quiet. There's not a herd of little feet pounding the hallways. We can take our time, and enjoy it to the max with no waiting lines!

5.) Empty theaters. We LOVE going to see movies during school hours! Adults are at work or in college, kids are in school....Ahhh! Any seat we want!

6.) Back to School Clearance: Now we can shop the clearance racks in style!

7.) The neighborhood is quiet! No more teens walking around the road at night. Though I do miss the laughs and squeals of hearing the neighborhood kids play,

8.) Grocery shopping during school hours = no long lines! I'm not sure why, but grocery shopping during school hours is much better than after. Odd, right?

9.) No wait at the dr's office for a check up.

10.) Speaking of the mall, the kids stores are virtually empty now! We can shop with out lots of people!

11.) The best think about Back to School? We get to thoroughly confuse people when we do any of the above during school hours HAHAHAHAHA!