WHO am I?

So all this time, you've been reading my blog and maybe....just maybe you've been wonder WHO is that gal?  Well, I'm just a plain country gal from Small Town, USA!

I was born and raised in the hills and mountains of Appalachia. And I've made these mountains my home ever since.

Buddy Ball cheerleader 1987

The Great Smoky Mountains

I love sunsets, waterfalls, and butterflies.

I am the product of a really great public school education, but I chose to homeschool my son for a variety of reasons-Autism being one. I was a high school honors graduate, and an honors graduate from college as well. I earned a B.A. in sociology, with minors in criminal justice, history, French, and meteorology. 

National Honor Society induction ceremony, 1997

Spirit week "Twin Day" 1997

My Tassel 

The end of a very long and very difficult 5 year college education. 

I was, and forever will be, "Daddy's little girl." My dad died in 1999 from lung cancer. Smoking most definitely kills. 

My dad with his uncle, 1995

My senior prom. 1998

I was never expected to have children, due to infertility issues, but God blessed me with the greatest son I could have ever dreamed of! 

I love photography, and fancy myself as a pretty good wedding photographer. 

You can see more of my "hobby" here: Missica Photography

I love God. I Love Jesus. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my life, and I feel so very blessed to live it every day. That's who I am.