What a View #JulyBloggingChallenge Day 3

I love the Great Smoky Mountains. the area is by far one of my most favorite locations to visit. I was asked to photograph a wedding down there last Spring, and while down there I decided to do a little landscape photography at Cades Cove. The leaves weren't out on the trees yet, and I think that made the photographs so much better. The contrasting colors really grabbed my attention. Can you imagine settling in this area with your family? How beautiful it must have been to watch the seasons pass, and how peaceful life was? True Bliss! Cades Cove is definitely on my future list of must visit places in the Great Smoky Mountains!


  1. Stunning photography
    Sarah-Ann @ Living Intentionally Simple

  2. Gatlinburg/Smokey Mountains is a favorite. vacation spot, So oretty!

    1. It can be so relaxing, or full of fun....that's what I love about it! So much to do, or you can rent a cabin and just enjoy staying in.


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