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I LOVE back to school sales! have no idea! I will have bags and bags of school supply goodies. Pencils, crayons, glue, OH MY! In my state, it is actually against state law for a teacher to request supplies on a list as the state has appropriated what they feel is the proper amount of funding for supplies for each public school student. Of course our local stores still have the "list" display box, but the slots are filled with suggested supplies for each grade. I've never really paid much attention to those lists, HAHA! So, what is on our list?

Cell phone photo showing the results of 1 shopping trip. 

CRAYONS: Crayons are a must. I know, he's into 5th grade now and crayons seem sooooo last year, but Crayons. LOTS of crayons. We do a variety of art projects involving crayons, and even science experiments. On top of that, Crayola brand are only .50 right now, so I stock up to use them as stocking stuffers and unexpected gifts. I can't count how many times a box of crayons has been tossed into a gift bag for a last minute birthday gift or hospital goodie bag. I will sometimes get 20 boxes or more!

COLORED PENCILS: We do a lot of lapbooks and projects that burn through colored pencils. We also have a dog who must love the taste of colored pencils haha! So I typically get 4 or 5 boxes of 12 ct. and a couple boxes of 24ct.

Glue: School glue is usually .25-50 cents, and we use a lot. so I will get 5 or 6 bottles of this. Glue Sticks....oh my. Just pile them on. I don't even want to think about the number of glue sticks we burn through in a year.

Rulers: Mr. B LOVES Rulers so I always grab a couple, just because he likes them.

Staples, paper clips, etc.: We use these a lot. I print off a lot of worksheets, and arrange his daily paper work into stacks. I also like to put things together for organization with paperclips so that I can rearrange as needed.

Paper: .15 for a notebook? I'll take 30, thanks! .50 for loose leaf? Even better! Bring on the paper! I'll get stacks of paper. We use it....a lot.

Post it notes: Can you have too many post it notes? This is the best time of year to stock up!

Pens/Pencils: I'm convinced I could have a truck load of pens and still not find one that writes when I need it. I have a desk drawer full, and I still get more. I'm a pen hoarder. I can't help it. And starting round .50-.97 for a package? It's a cheap addiction I have no plans to stop. Ticonderoga really are the best pencils, and they are always on sale right now. I think I got a pack of 30 the other day for around 4.00! I will probably get another pack of those before the sales vanish....maybe 2.

Markers: I always get dry erase markers, and loads of Crayola markers. I like to get both the classic colors and the assorted colors, large tip and fine. I get a good stock of these and we plow through them during the year.  I get extras to use as gifts. You can usually find nice packs of Sharpie markers, too. So I tend to get a pack or 2 of these. Sharpies are something we use a lot of.

Folders/binders: This is also a great time of the year to grab extras. Lapbooks NEED folders so I use a LOT of those! And they are usually .5-.15 each, so they are a bargain!

Misc: Stickers, Kid's paints, Dry erase boards, message cork boards, Lunch packs, ice packs, tissues, bandaids, hand sanitizer, crates, bedding, towels, and dorm room stuff are always on sale at this time, too. So if you have been needing any of that, look in the school section. Dorm room goodies can include bedding with coordinating things such as trashcans and message boards. We use scrapbook stickers a LOT with different projects. So it's always good to try and get those items now, since they will cost more later!

Flower project using scrapbook stickers. 

That's our back to school shopping list. Drop me a comment and let me know yours!


  1. I love back to school supply sales! I'm anxious to get to target and see the offerings!!!

    1. Oh I know! I was in Walmart the other day and saw the shelves getting readied for the school supplies. I have my battle plan and I'm ready to go! HAHA!


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