QUOTE #July Blogging Challenge #Day2

Key to Immortality

I first heard this quote many years ago, but it made sense. Our loved ones live on in our memories, as we will live on in the memories of those we live behind. Our spirits never die. The memories others have of us will continue on long after we are gone from this Earth. I remember hearing stories from my Mamaw about family members who died long before I was born. With all of this said, we must strive to make those memories good memories. We want to be remembered as good, kind, gentle, giving, etc..etc..etc. We should all want our legacy to be a legacy of worth-not material worth, but philanthropic worth. We should leave the world a better place than it was when we entered. Just think about how wonderful the world would be if everyone lived their lives in a way where they tried to make it a better place!  So go on and make memories! Live a life that you want others to remember! Be kind! Leave behind a positive legacy! Make the world a better place!