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Hey everyone! I am so blessed to bring you this review of Family Life's Passport2Purity. Passport to Purity is a great program to use with your pre-teen to help build a trusting and open/honest relationship with your child so that you can tackle those hard to face topics such as sexting, moral defiance, bullying, and more. Family Life's Passport to Purity helps to a lay a solid foundation of purity now that will go a long way in the years to come to help your child tackle these hard to talk about topics.

The program is designed as a weekend "getaway" of activities and guided conversations that will help to build moral integrity and a solid and bonded relationship between the two of you. It is meant for a father/son or a mother/daughter, but in my opinion single parents of oppositely gendered children should not be deterred from using this program.

The program is meant to be used as an actual getaway over the course of a weekend, with the thought that your child may be more open to talking with he/she is not in their normal environment, or over the course of 4 or 5 weeks. I personally don't feel going away was a necessity for us, and we did not go away. My son is only 10, and I felt he was a bit too immature for the topic, but he also is faced with autism and being homeschooled tends to keep him more innocent than your average 10 year old. so I feel it is very on par in terms of the age range of pre-teen.

This program is a really great way of approaching hard to talk about topics to not only strengthen your relationship with your child, but your child's own inner self relationship and their relationship with God. I really love the concept of a one on one weekend outing. This is a FANTASTIC bonding experience I wish I had had growing up with my mother.

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