In My Bag DAY 7

So today's challenge is "In My Bag."

I really have no idea how to answer this haha! We LOVE reusable shopping bags. My son uses them to carry his books in, I use them to pack for grandma's or for an overnight with his cousin. And of course I use them at the store. So there's a lot going on with those bags lol. In my purse I don't keep a lot, but the most important thing is my Epi Pen....wasps are evil little boogers! Of course I have my camera bag too, and that has everything I've ever needed for a wedding in it. I also keep a mini survival kit in there, that has come in handy more times than I can count! I go into some really remote areas, so I like to make sure I'll be able to survive if something were to happen. So....that's some of the things in bags around here!