Day 6 10 Things {I like} About Me

Ten things I like about myself....that's hard to do. I find I don't think about myself that often. But it is important to put ourselves as a priority. Afterall, if we don't care for ourselves, who will care for our families?

1.) I'm a college graduate. I worked hard for that piece of paper. Some say I wasted my time since I don't use my education as a money maker outside the home. I disagree. Education is NEVER a waste of time...NEVER.

2.) I stand up for myself. That could be good and bad, but I think it is important to have a back bone and stand up for what you believe in.

3.) I stared into the autism window and I dared to close it. That's right, I slammed that window shut! My son was diagnosed as severely autistic at 2 years old. We were told he'd never speak. By 4 he was speaking. By 10 he has a vocabulary that rivals anyone!

4.) I like my wit. I like to make people laugh. In the photography business, that's a handy skill to have haha!

5.) I like my photography. I'm not the world's best, but I have definitely grown over the years.

6.) I can cook good. I like that.

7.) I like my body. I'm not slender. I'm a curvy girl who is blessed with extra fluff, and you know what? That is JUST FINE! Who do you think stands the best chance of surviving a freak ice age? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!

8.) I like that I am not perfect. No one is, and I'm ok with that. I make mistakes, I fail at times. And each time I do, I learn a little more.

9.) I like that I'm a take charge kind of  person. The view only changes if you're in the lead!

10.) I like that I never take no for an answer. By accepting challenges I am always challenging myself to think in new ways.