Art is EVERYWHERE! Day 9

Art is EVERYWHERE! From the motion of leaves in a summer breeze, to a priceless painting, Art is a matter of perspective. 

We try to incorporate art into our homeschool. Especially with special needs, art is a great way to reinforce lessons we are learning. 

 This is a project from Crayola. We did this while learning about coral reefs.

 You can use almost anything for art. These are foam stickers. We were studying the changing fall leaves when we did this project.

 Art can be anywhere, and art can help with healing. This is a photo of the ceiling of the children's hopital from last year when my son was a patient. He really enjoyed seeing the tiles other children had painted.

  Art can be a tribute to loved ones who have since passed. This is my dad's grave stone. I obviously removed his name from the back. The photo is handpainted, and is to represent he and my mother. The flowers are my doing. I make them every year.

 And we can't forget the greatest artist of all, God. Who else could paint such a beautiful and amazing sunset?

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