When momma has had enough, the whole house knows it.

So....we experienced an "episode" at my home. You know what I am talking about. One of those moments when mother dear has just flat out had ENOUGH! Yes, it was an "enough" moment. Let me preface this by say, I love my family . . . and this includes the fur family as well. I am mom to a cute as can be teeny tiny miniature dachshund. seriously, he's just the cutest. See him right there, looking all cute and stuff? Yeah...ok, so he's also a nervous pee'er. You know the kind, when you go to pick them up and they tinkle a bit. Yep, that's him. I've managed to help him through his anxiety tinkles for the most part, but we do have the occasional "OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED" tinkle when someone goes to pick him up or pet him unexpectedly. And that is what set off Mom Crazy June 2015. My son, God love his heart, had gone upstairs to MY bedroom, found the above cute dog on MY bed, and went to "love" on him. Now, this could be a gentle pat on the head, or it could be a hug that will leave him thinking he's the newest "cuppy cake" I have no idea which type of "love" was administered to the poor, unsuspected pup....but it left it's mark on my bed. and that's when I'd had it. My son came down, demanding I put the dog in his box. That's it. I was over it. So...Here's a list of grievances that my family was introduced to, in a most unflattering and unmommy like manner, tonight.

1.) The dog is not to be on my bed again. At all. Period.

2.) When I say I need some quiet time. That means I need that time to actually be quiet. Not in a room with WWE on, and hearing, "Babe look at this."  "Babe did you see that?" "Mommy can I?" "Mommy can you?" It is QUIET time...just me....not everyone else. ME!

3.) If it is broken, I probably can't fix it. If I can fix it, and I'm busy, it can wait. If I am busy, and I'm pestered 10000000000 times over it, I will NOT fix it....as a matter of principle.

4.) I will only answer the SAME question 3 times. 4th time I will not be nice about it. 5th time I'm ignoring you. Simple as that. Autism or not, they said you'd never speak....you proved them wrong. If you can learn how to speak, then you will learn how to accept an answer the first 3 times. Doesn't matter how many different ways it is asked, the answer will remain the same. A no is a no, a yes is a yes, and an I don't know will still be an I don't know. Let it go.

5.)  If it has anything to do with your computer or the game on the computer, go directly to the step dad. Do not ask me. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.00. I don't know. I won't know. And even if I do know, I won't be able to explain it. Don't even bother.

6.) If it is lost, don't ask me to find it. You should have kept up with it better. If you have exhausted all efforts to locate the missing article/item, I will then help you . . . in search party fashion, to find the missing "thing." Until then, no.

And finally 7.) If I say go upstairs...just go. Realize that I am only human. I take care of the house, do all of the errand, make sure the bills are paid, food is bought, cooked, and then cleaned up, I take care of all of the pets, all of the extended family stuff that pops up, work, blog, teach, and so much more. If I ask every now and then for just an hour to try to rest and regroup, please understand that I am doing it not only for my own sanity, but for yours as well.