Water Bottles

A while back, a friend of mine was visiting and she left her water bottle at my house. After looking it over, I found it to be a really nice water bottle, as nice as a water bottle can get haha! I'm not one to use a water bottle, opting to just buy a bottled water on the go. But there was something about hers that I thought was just....neat. Her's is a bright pink, thick glass, twist off lid, and awesome. I thought, wow....this must be a very expensive bottle. Of course, I was too polite and shy to inquire as to the cost of such a cool bottle HAHA! So imagine my surprise, while walking down an off aisle at walmart, trying to bypass other shoppers, when I see her bottle in aqua blue! I was so happy. I had no idea how much it was, since it was just there....all by its lonesome self. But I didn't care! I didn't care if it was $10, or $15, or even $20! I wanted that bottle for my very own! I would be come a water bottle person! So....I grabbed that bottle, and I marched myself right up to the checkout. OMG it was on clearance for $3.00! If there had been more of them I would have gotten another! So in short, I got my bottle, and I used it today. It doesn't hold as much water as I thought it would. It only holds about 20 ounces, but it was just fine for Mr. B and me to take with us on an impromptu outing. I used a water bottle ice pack thingy, so the water stayed really good and cold, the glass insured a pure taste. And we love it! I may now be a water bottle person. 

If you are wondering what bottle this is, it's an Ello brand glass bottle. Here's a photo I found on Amazon for it. You can get it there for $9.99 on amazon prime. I think I'll be on the look out for more glass water bottles!